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    2. Technology

      Common Disfigurements of Plastic Products




      1、Melt flow rate is lower, and bad flowability
      2、 Too much air but bad exhaust causes not enough material to be stuffed into the cavity
      3、Lower injection temperature and pressure
      1、Select higher melt flow rate material
      2、Add more or extend the exhaust pipes
      3、Raise injection temperature and pressure
      Burr 1、Scarce clamping force
      2、Mold distort
      3、Melt flow rate is too high
      4、Too much injection pressure
      1、Improve the clamping capacity
      2、Modify the mold
      3、Select lower melt flow rate material
      4、Adjust the injection pressure
      Split 1、Wrong material number or too much recycle material lead to the breakage of the molecule structure
      2、Unreasonable product and mold construction, internal stress existing and especially the material flowing directions
      3、Mold temperature and injection temperature not match well
      4、Inlay set out of place or no warm-up
      5、Rude assembly operation
      1、Select suitable material for thick side wall and use brand new masterbatch
      2、Adjust the molding technics and disposal technics
      3、Adjust the mold temperature to the injection temperature
      4、Optimized design and warm-up to the inlay
      5、Gently assembly operation



      1、The product is intact,no deformity or distortion
      2、Proportional color, no obvious chromatism


      1、The surface is smooth,around sides and handles have no burr
      2、Accessaries match well,stacking is steady
      3、Degraded product is stiff、fragile ,while the high quality product is silken and flexible


      1、According to the polymerization and physical property,the light product shows lower crystallinity and high purity
      2、With the same construction and side thickness,made from the same material,the light one will be better

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